Alternate Coaching Focus

Coaching or mentoring may also be provided to support a leadership development programme.  In this case, delegates to the programme are helped to realise their potential through the provision of external coaching or mentoring.  In addition to supporting individuals within intact development groups, individual leadership coaching support can be provided.  Here, an individual leader is assisted in preparing herself / himself either for higher level roles, moving into a different functional area or dealing with particular leadership challenges.

Coaching & Mentoring skill development &/or the Deployment of Coaching & Mentoring within organisations

The application of coaching and mentoring skills in the work environment is one of the most positive and impactful changes that an organisation can make.  Providing managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to coach their direct reports can have a significant impact on the productivity and performance of a department. 

The same is true of managers who are equipped to mentor others outside their own department or function and both approaches not only have positive outcomes for those being mentored or coached but also for the coaches and mentors.    

CMA associates have the capability to equip managers with the skills and underpinning knowledge needed to coach and mentor others.  This is done through a high impact “super-learning” approach whereby delegates are exposed to multiple inputs and have the opportunity to practice the required skills in a safe environment during a one-day intensive and hugely enjoyable event.  This “super-learning” approach is a common feature of CMA’s development ethos.

CMA Associates have already introduced hundreds of managers to this high-impact approach and it has achieved consistently high satisfaction scores.  Managers typically leave the event feeling energised and motivated to apply their learning and the subsequent impact on employee engagement has been shown to be highly positive. 

CMA Associates can also provide support for newly trained coaches, typically for a defined period.  In addition, CMA can provide on-going coaching supervision support and assist with the establishment of internal coaching coordination and supervision. 

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