When organisations are involved in strategy development, addressing a major challenge or dealing with a myriad of other issues, having all team members focus fully on the task is crucial.  However, doing so effectively whilst also managing the process itself can be quite difficult and, in many cases, it is almost impossible.  Experienced CMA Associates have the ability and experience to facilitate crucial meetings, taking away the requirement for process management and enabling all team members to contribute effectively and fully to the matter at hand.  Such an approach leads to better outcomes through the best use of internal resources whilst leaving the CMA Facilitator to take care of the meeting.

Change Management / Change Consultancy

Managing change is one of the most challenging things that organisations do.  Although outcomes have improved over time, recent studies have shown that as many as many as two-thirds of change initiatives fail to achieve their objectives.  Having an experienced change consultant on hand to guide and advise your organisation on its change initiative can make a world of difference to the way that it is developed and deployed and, ultimately, how successful it is.  CMA Asociates have long experience of change management and are equipped with the skills, tools and techniques to provide the kind of help that makes a real difference at every stage of a change initiative.

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